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Instructional Approaches

ACCEL Day and Evening Academy - High School
ACCEL Day and Evening Academy

The mission of ACCEL Academy is to connect to students' gifts and passions through personalized learning pathways that build academic skills, professional mindsets, and social and emotional well-being, so they are preapred for college and careers.

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The ATDLE team provides focused and relevant professional training opportunities for new and existing programs! Our commitment to excellence in education through second and third language education is unwavering. We believe strongly in quality implementation and the full implementation of research-based practices. We lead the charge by utilizing the amazing expertise of some of the most experienced programmatic experts in TWBI/DL and know that we can be of great service to teachers, administrators and program development leads wanting to start their programs or improve their practice!

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Ashé Preparatory Academy
Ashé Preparatory Academy

Ashé Preparatory Academy’s mission is to cultivate the genius of a diverse population of students and prepare them to excel in high school, college, and career and to serve as leaders in and for their communities.

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Bio Feedback Breathing Program
Rural opportunity institute

Biofeedback breathing devices have been used for many decades by elite performers (from NASA, Olympic Athletes, US Military) to increase the health of participants' nervous systems. Rural Opportunity Institute has been supporting community organizations and institutions to use biofeedback breathing devices so individuals can track the state of their nervous system to help cope with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and toxic stress, build resilience and support healthy regulation and balance of the nervous system through breathing.

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Black Indigenous Person Of Color Mental Health Resources
The Mental Health Coalition

The Mental Health Coalition is dedicated to addressing the mental health needs of the BIPOC community, and we know that society’s work is far from over in creating culturally informed, quality mental health equity for all. Because of longstanding systemic injustice, there are many barriers that limit access to high-quality, culturally-informed mental health care for BIPOC communities. This means that it is crucial to highlight the spaces that do exist that address racism-based stress and trauma, while affirming the countless strengths of BIPOC communities.

Caliber ChangeMakers Academy
Caliber ChangeMakers Academy

Our mission at Caliber Schools is to shift the experiences, expectations, and outcomes for students in historically underserved communities. We provide students with a challenging and engaging personalized education that equips them with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in competitive colleges, careers, and communities. Caliber graduates will be academically college ready; have emotional intelligence or ‘EQ’; be critical thinkers, and have the skills and desire to be ‘changemakers’ in their communities and the world.

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Camino Nuevo Academy
Camino Nuevo Academy

No two kids learn the same way, and every family and community deserves high quality public education. That’s why, in 1999, the leaders of the Pueblo Nuevo Education and Development Group together with residents from the MacArthur Park community created Camino Nuevo Charter Academy (CNCA), a school built on the belief that every student should have the chance to go to a great school that puts their needs first, regardless of zip code, income, or ability level.

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Capital Village Schools
Capital Village Schools

Capital Village Schools is a network of micro-schools that will effectively meet the diverse needs of our students by combining

-real-world learning expeditions grounded in social justice,

-personalized instruction centered around the unique needs of individual students, and

-an intentionally small village focused on developing the whole child.

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Center For Black Educator Development
The Pennsylvania Educator Diversity Consortium

The Pennsylvania Educator Diversity Consortium is a grassroots organization of PK-12, higher education, non-profit, and government leaders striving to increase the number of teachers of color as well as culturally-responsive and sustaining educators in Pennsylvania. Center For Black Educator Development addresses educational inequities to improve academic and social outcomes for all students through increased teacher diversity. Having at least one Black teacher early on reduces a Black student’s likelihood of dropping out of school by up to 39%.

Challenge Based Learning
Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow—Today

The Challenge Based Learning (CBL) framework is collaborative and hands-on, asking all participants to identify Big Ideas, ask good questions, identify and solve Challenges, gain in-depth subject area knowledge, develop 21st-century skills, and share their thoughts with the world.

Eight Million Stories
The New Teacher Project

Focuses on providing disconnected youth who have been pushed out of our school system, with an opportunity to complete their education and obtain meaningful employment. Drastically reducing the recidivism rates of justice involved youth in the city of Houston. The success of our program will assist school districts and the juvenile justice system in finding alternative pathways for students who are not succeeding in traditional school settings.

ImmSchools Program

ImmSchools partners with school districts, schools, educational organizations and education service providers to provide high-quality programs to educators and students and families that addresses the holistic needs of undocumented and immigrant students in the K-12 setting.

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Land-Based Learning & Healing
Native American Community Academy

NACA provides an academic program that reflects a commitment to student academic achievement, cultural connections, and creative electives.

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PostSecondary Pathways online training and curriculum for educators
Contigo Ed

Contigo Ed's mission is to equip and empower educators with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources allowing them to best counsel and support their students to understand and navigate their postsecondary opportunities.

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Reconstruction Classes
Reconstruction US

Reconstruction was created to show our kids that they are descendants of powerful, creative, and resilient ancestors whose contributions permeate every aspect of life across the globe; and that they too are called to contribute to this rich legacy. It's the way we were taught as children. It's the way we teach our children.

Restorative Justice as a health Equity resource
The Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality

The Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality works with policymakers, researchers, advocates, and youth to develop effective policies and practices that alleviate poverty and inequality in the United States. We author and widely disseminate in-depth reports, conduct research, host conferences, and lead national youth-centered coalitions and working groups. Our work analyzes challenges and proposes solutions to help youth thrive, reaching a national audience through a broad dissemination strategy resourced at the law school.

Restorative Schools Vision Project
Dignity In Schools

Ending racially disproportionate discipline. Lowering suspension and expulsion rates cultivating positive school climates

Standards and Promising Practices for Schools Educating Boys of Color
Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color

Boys of color and their sisters, will soon comprise the majority of students in American schools, and those who educate them must become more accustomed to their social, emotional, cultural and academic needs. The Common Core spells out expectations to measure both what students know and what they can do. COSEBOC believes that another set of considerations is crucial to bridge the gap in achievement between males of color and all other groups and to create a pathway for vulnerable students toward opportunity in education, career, and personal achievement.

The Social Justice School
Social Justice School

The Social Justice School opened its doors in August 2020 to our inaugural class of 5th and 6th grade scholar activists. We believe in the importance of educating the whole child to become an informed global citizen. Our curriculum that focuses on social justice and design thinking enables our scholars to engage in meaningful work in our Liberation Design Lab and fosters their ability to have student led conferences throughout the school year with their teachers. Each day, we are building a close knit community that collectively pursues innovative solutions to social justice issues that plague our community and the world.

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Verizon Innovative Learning Schools
Digital Promise

Millions of students nationwide lack the access to technology and the skills they need to succeed in the digital world. Since 2012, Verizon has been working to help solve this problem through a transformative program called Verizon Innovative Learning. Digital Promise collaborates with Verizon to equip every student and teacher at select middle and high schools across America with a device and up to a four-year data plan, and provide students without reliable home internet access with a mobile hotspot. In addition to free technology and access, Verizon Innovative Learning Schools receive extensive teacher training, support, and the opportunity to engage in a unique, immersive curriculum to leverage technology in their classrooms.

We Drive It

EducationNC’s new short documentary, We Drive It, highlights the work of a team of passionate educators and scholars in rural North Carolina. In the high-poverty area of Edgecombe County called the Northside, schools have historically lagged behind on test scores and other metrics. That’s why change makers there decided it was time for something radically different. It was time to build a new school from the ground up, a school specifically designed with students in mind.


Founded in 2017, inquirED is a tech-forward model with a mission to engage students and empower teachers through inquiry-based learning. Serving K-8, inquired is a platform that brings together professional development, curriculum and implementation support for social studies with plans to build other subject areas. The model currently has pilots in 9 schools across 7 states: Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Missouri, Georgia, California, and Texas.

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