About Us

The RISE UP Coalition—school districts, charter networks, and organizations led by leaders of color—who are working together, with support of advocates and allies, to design and implement an Action Agenda to reflect and address the needs of students of color.

Convening Organizations

Coalition Members

Organizing Committee
Camelback Ventures
Aaron Walker
CEO and Founder
Digital Promise
Lydia Logan
Executive Director of the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools
Digital Promise
Kimberly Smith
Executive Director of the League of Innovative Schools and Center for Inclusive Innovation
Education Leaders of Color
Sharhonda Bossier
Latinos for Education
Feliza Ortiz-Licon
Chief Advocacy & Policy Officer
Pahara Institute
Lizzie Choi
Senior Vice President
Pahara Institute
Kriste Dragon
Chief Executive Officer
Surge Institute
William Collins
Vice President Development & External Affairs
Unidos US
Amalia Chamorro
Associate Director of Education Policy
Collaborating Organizations
4.0 Schools
Hassan Hassan
Founder and CEO
American Youth Policy Forum (AYPF)
Stephanie McGencey
Executive Director
Atlanta Public Schools
Aleigha Henderson Ross
Executive Director, Instructional Technology
Beyond 12
Alexandra Bernadotte
Founder and CEO
Big Picture Learning
Carlos Moreno
Executive Director
Brick Education Network
Dominique Lee
Leona Christy
Founder and CEO
Center for Black Educator Development
Sharif ElMekki
Center for Black Educator Development
Victoria Harrison
Operations Manager
Citizens of the World Charter Schools
Vanessa Rodriguez
Interim CEO
Compton Unified School District
Darin Brawley
DeSoto Independent School District
D'Andre Weaver
Everett Public School District
Priya Tahilian
Norma Fernandez
Friendship Public Charter Schools
Patricia Brantley
Gestalt Community Schools
Yetta Lewis
Co-Founder and CEO
IMM Schools
Lorena Tule-Romain
Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
Indianapolis Public Schools
Aleesia johnson
Latinos for Education
Amanda Fernandez
Founder and CEO
Lynwood Unified School District
Guidel Crosthwaite
Middletown City School District
Marlon Styles
NACA Inspired Schools Network
Anpao Duta flying earth
Executive Director
National Association of Charter School Authorizers
Karega Rausch
President and CEO
National Indian Education Association
Diane Cournoyer
Executive Director
National Indian Education Association
Rusty Creed Brown
Field Operations Association
Noble Network of Charter Schools
Constance Jones
RISE Colorado
Veronica Crespin-Palmer
Co-Founder and CEO
Richland School District Two
Baron Davis
Rural Opportunity Institute
Vichi Jagannathan
STEM Preparatory Schools
Emilio Pack
The Oakland REACH
Lakisha Young

We have an unprecedented opportunity to take action.

School districts and charter networks have a tremendous opportunity to design and implement effective, culturally-aligned systems to support students of color.
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The time is now, and the moment is urgent…
…for school districts, charter networks and organizations to join efforts to turn the tide that continues to inflict devastating impacts on our students.