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PREVIEW the RISE UP Coalition National Action Agenda

On Wednesday, June 23rd, the EdWeb is hosting the RISE UP Coalition preview of our National Action Agenda at 5PM ET. Join us to learn about our policy recommendations, key priorities and demonstrations of practices and programs that are supporting students of color. Hear how BILPOC-led school districts, charter networks and organizations are partnering with advocates and allies across the country in this work. Sign our interest form at bottom of this page to receive information about the webinar.

History Matters: Honoring Indigenous Teaching and Learning Models

Join us for a webinar on opportunities and models for centering native history and culture in teaching and learning.
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The New Hybrid: Technology Designed to Create Access

There are three parts to the Digital Learning Gap: access to technology and broadband, participation, and powerful use. Join us to hear from leaders in the field who are helping Black and Brown children access and excel with technology.
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The Forgotten American Students: Meeting the Academic and Language Needs of English Learners

English learners are a growing student population in the K-12 school system. Engage in solution-oriented conversation with leaders of color about programs, policies and data designed to meet the needs of this culturally and linguistically diverse population of English learners.
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Cultural and Social Emotional Learning: Centering the Identities of Students of Color

It is possible to build communities and schools where student’s identities are celebrated and woven into their learning experience. Learn from systems leaders who are committed to building schools that center student’s identities through cultural and social emotional learning.
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The Myth of Learning Loss: Where Students of Color are Excelling

The deficit narrative of "learning loss" in reference to the pandemic learning experience of Black and Brown students has permeated the dominant education sector messaging. The truth is students of color are thriving and excelling from innovative opportunities provided by BILPOC-led districts, charters and organizations. Join us for a discussion and demonstration of how culturally-native (or natively-designed) approaches are resonating with students of color.
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The RISE UP Coalition is hosting a series of public-facing webinars with the goal of releasing the Action Agenda publicly in June 2021.
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June 2, 2021

RISE UP Coalition to Address the Compound Inequity Facing Black and Brown Students

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Today, we announce the RISE UP Coalition—school districts, charter networks, and organizations led by BILPOC—who will work together and with support of allies to design an Action Agenda to reflect and address the needs of students of color.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to take action.

School districts and charter networks are facing both tremendous challenges and, simultaneously, opportunities to design and implement effective, culturally-aligned systems to support historically marginalized students.
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The time is now, and the moment is urgent…
…for school districts, charter networks and organizations to join efforts to turn the tide that continues to inflict devastating impacts on our students.