The Time is Now

School districts have a tremendous opportunity to design effective systems to support students of color. Leaders of color are rarely, if ever, at the national table to inform, shape, and support the needs of students of color—yet they have know-how, expertise, intuition, and lived experience that can make a difference.

Addressing the Compounded Inequities Facing Students of Color

To address the needs of students of color, the “system” will undoubtedly default to traditional approaches because of the lack of awareness of inclusive innovations natively designed to meet the needs of students of color.
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We have an unprecedented opportunity to take action.

We have launched an unprecedented coalition of organizations, school district and charter networks led by leaders of color. Our goal: create an Action Agenda defining priorities and identifying solutions to address the needs of students of color.
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The time is now, and the moment is urgent…
…for school districts, charter networks and organizations to join efforts to turn the tide that continues to inflict devastating impacts on our students.